"Where Health and Temperaments Come First"

Welcome to Petit Jean Puppies!  My name is Laura Koch.  I have been raising dogs since 1998. My family and I offer high quality puppies from a clean environment and sound, vet approved parents. We make sure to treat our adult dogs and puppies with the quality of care they deserve. Result: healthy, happy puppies for your family!
«For general information, application,appointments,
Gina at 501-548-9920   EMAIL:  PetitJeanPuppy@gmail.com

USDA Licensed Class A Breeder, License Number 71-A-1325 and BBB Accredited Business with A+ Rating!

Health-Proven Puppies from Tested Adult Dogs
Our adult dogs are examined/tested and cleared of any cardiac issues and also clear of luxating patellas (loose knees).  Dr. Brianne Rohlman (Rohlman Animal Hospital in Morrilton, AR) examined/tested all our adult dogs over a year old.   We will make these certifications available to all buyers at their request.  Our larger breed dogs are in the process of hip xrays to rule out hip dysplasia.  Most of them have been done.  

Our goal is to have ALL our adult dogs tested and certified healthy for common breed faults.  These common genetic faults are easily bred out with careful selection of healthy parent dogs.  Why breed if you aren't going to do it right!? 

We offer "Teddy Bear" low to non-shed puppies in the folling breeds:
  • Golden Doodles (Golden Retriever/Poodle Mix in F1, F1b, F1bb, F2b-- English Cream, Apricot, Reds and sometimes parti which means two color, like apricot and white)  
  • Cavapoos (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels mixed with Toy or Miniature Poodles in F1 and F1b--Dark Red, Apricot, Creams, Red/White)
  • Cavapoochons (Cavalier, Bichon Frise and Toy Poodle) Tri Mix
  • Occasionally Maltipoos (Maltese and Red Poodle)

Please call Gina, my assistant, at 501-548-9920 and she will be glad to help you with your next family dog!  I am also available after the sale for a lifetime of support at 501-977-7440.  But I ask that you please call Gina first, she handles all my calls, emails and messages.  Thank you!

Our kennel is located behind our home which is at  # 2 Dean Street, Oppelo, Arkansas (on 20 acres).  When you come to visit, you will come straight to our home and facility.  Please respect our family by having an appointment beforehand.  We do not take drop in visitors or give facility tours. Please ask to see parent dogs in advance so that we can have them near the office for you to visit. Also, please come at the specified time! If you are running late or early, please let us know.


12/2014 Staff Christmas Party, Left to Right:  Luke, Gina, Vision, Deanna, Chris, Heather, Laura

Chris/Laura Koch, Owners

Gina M.,  My assistant who handles all phone calls/Applications, and Advertising
Deanna T., Kennel Manager

Luke P., Kennel Duties
Heather K., Photographer
Vision J., Shipping Coordinator
Tasha M, Not Pictured, Kennel Technician

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Petit Jean Puppies is a BBB Accredited Dog Breeder in Oppelo, AR

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