Goldendoodle Puppies For Sale

Our Goldendoodle Litters
***We offer More Selection than ever!***

These are estimated sizes going by parents weights, we can not guarantee size but we do guarantee health!

Mini Petites  12- 25 lb
Miniatures  25-30lb

Medium's  35-45 lb
Standards   45-60 lb
All pups come with CPR Registration papers (Certified Pet Registry),
3 yr Health Guarantee, Scent From Home Blanket, Toys, Food Sample and more

Goldendoodle is a cross-breed dog obtained by breeding a golden retriever with a purebred poodleThe name, which was coined in 1992, gets the first part, "golden", from golden retriever and the second part, “doodle”, from "poodle".

Because poodles and golden retrievers are both highly intelligent, golden doodles are also very trainable. Goldendoodles are usually very affectionate with people and other pets. They are human-oriented dogs, and tend to develop a strong bond with their owners and companions. Most goldendoodles are calm and easy going, but they are active dogs that do require exercise. Goldendoodles are great family pets and are known to be especially good with children.  

There are several different variations of the mix, described below!

F1 is the first generation cross of the two breeds. This generation has been said to carry the least chance of genetic disease because of the hybrid vigor break in the purebred lineage.  The chance of shedding is still possible with the first cross but will be minimal unless it has a straight coat like a retriever. These can be standard to miniature size depending on parent size.

F1b is the F1 bred back to a poodle.  This crossback will have curlier coat and be non shed (not guaranteed, but more predictable than the F1). They can be standard size or miniature size depending on the parents. This is the most common cross we do.

F2 is still considered half poodle and half retriever.  This is breeding two F1 dogs together and will have the same characteristics of the F1. Coat can still vary.  Can be any size.

F2b Is an F2 bred back to a poodle or an F1 bred to an F1b.

F3 is considered to be Multi-generational and usually an F1b bred to an F1b, which is the Multigenerational, the more predictable we can be on sizes and coats.

Size is very difficult to judge on the golden doodles.  We can go by the parents sizes but you have to remember that there are large bred dogs very close in their pedigree and can show up from time to time. the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. This is where we send our parents testing and x-rays to be read by specialists to determine if they pass for breeding.  We do testing on their hips, heart, elbows and patellas.  We have dogs that have passed their preliminaries and some dogs that carry their full OFA Certificates.  We are still conducting testing--but this will take some time.  It is very expensive and shows the extent that we go through to make sure we provide a healthy pet for you.

Goldendoodles are prone to shedding their puppy coat.  This is especially common in the straighter coated puppies and will be a stage that most of them go through.  It can also be caused from vaccinations, medication (antibiotics) or even when they are fixed (anesthesia from surgery).  To help avoid this or help with developing their new adult coat, we recommend NuVet Vitamins!

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